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Custom LEGO Flag Football Players X 10 With Your Name Head and Hair Design Machine Printed

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This item is to create machine printed mini figure(s) for basketball players, soccer players, flag football players and many more types. It can be you with your favorite team’s jersey or it can be the full list of your community team member. You can choose from many jersey types, head design, and hair types. Refer to the image in the list for head code and hair code.

About jersey:
We support most of the major sport team jersey design. If the jersey you want is in our database, there will be no charge on the jersey design. Contact us for availability.
If you are requesting more than 10 players in your order. The first type of jersey design will be waived. For a soccer team, one type means one regular jersey and the matched goalkeeper jersey.

The process:
Step 1:
Option 1: If you want to be simple, send me a picture of the player(s) you want to make, with the name and squad number information. I will choose the best fit head and hair for all your players. The format will be follows:

Barcelona Goalkeeper, 1, Doe
Barcelona, 5, Smith

Option 2: You can also specify all players head and hair code in the following format. Refer to the item images for hair and head code.

Head will have 4 colors: Light Flesh, Yellow, Flesh and Brown. If you want some type of head in a different color, you can add a HeadColor column:
Cowboys,11,Wayne,338,242,Light Flesh
If you really want a different head type, please contact me.

Step 2:
I will generate a sample image for you to review.

Step 3:
Once you are OK with the sample image, you can pay for the item.

Step 4:
I will print one sample figure for you to review.

Step 5:
Once you are ok with the sample figure, I will print the whole team and ship out.